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Colours provide professional face and body painters in London and surrounding areas

Colours provide professional face and body painters in London and surrounding areas. In their 9 years of business they have face and body painted at high profile and celebrity events, TV shows, store openings, corporate parties, promotions, festivals, club nights, zoo project ibiza, parties, birthdays and other special occasions.

The list is endless. Any request for any event or occasion, big or small is welcome. If you are looking for amazing quality face painting, body painting or glitter at competitive rates please contact!


All products we use are professional, hypo allergic; EU approved and specifically designed for the skin. Face painting starts from 2+. We do not paint against their will. We are fully insured.

Allergenic reactions to face paint are very uncommon but if any of our clients are unsure, we can carry out a patch test. Any one suffering from any allergies, sensitive skin, infections, colds, illnesses, cuts and bruises we may have to refuse to paint. In some cases we can use an alternative i.e. the hand or arm instead, painters are always polite and understanding when offering an alternative area to those suffering with any of the above.

For a regular booking all we need is a table and 2 chairs per artist. We can bring our own on request but this may be additional. Outside events we usually need to be protected from the elements if it is for a long period of time. We have our own out door set up on request at an additional cost. Walk about and mobile services are available on request and work well at some events as designs tend to be smaller and faster.

Faces can take anywhere between 2-8 minutes depending on design chosen for a standard party booking. We can adapt this to queues, we can work with the time given and pick up the pace if need be or take our time if we have it. Body paint, full faces and private bookings will be different, we can advise by phone or email when we hear more about it.